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German Film Week in Tunis; 7 movies in 4 days

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In partnership with “La Cinémathèque Tunisienne”, The Goethe Institut organizes the German Film Week from 25 to 28 October, 2022. A selection of seven recent and internationally acclaimed German films will be presented, for free, at La Cinémathèque Tunisienne.As part of its cinematographic program, the Goethe Institut of Tunis is organising a new cycle of screenings and features entitled « Chfama Jdid » (What’s New), dedicated to the new wave of German cinema. For 4 days, 7 films will be screened for free at the Tahar Chariaa theater in La Cinémathèque Tunisienne. From fiction features and documentaries to experimental films, this edition will amuse, inspire and entertain _ in an attempt to provide space for reflection, conversation and escape from reality. PROGRAM Tuesday 25 October, 2022 18h30 : « Self Criticism Of a Bourgeois Dog », dir. Julian Radlmaier, 2017, Germany. A bourgeois dog and former filmmaker confesses how he became four-legged by failing in love, apple-picking and revolution. A political comedy with magic twists. Wednesday 26 October, 2022 16h30 : « Purple Sea », dir. Amel Alzakout and Khaled Abdulwahed, 2020, Germany. Made from images filmed by the Syrian artist Amel Alzakout after the boat on which she was fleeing Syria sank off the coast of Lesbos, Purple Sea reports on the moment in which the co- director and the other passengers are floating in the sea in their life-jackets, waiting to be rescued. Her voice-over accompanies this extremely poignant experience. 18h30 : Windstill, dir. Nancy Camaldo, 2021, Germany. High summer and stifling heat in Germany: Lara (Giulia Goldammer) takes care of her one- year-old daughter, while her boyfriend Jacob (Thomas Schubert) slaves away as a cook. Everyday life is exhausting and a haze of frustration hangs over the couple. Recognition, whether in the relationship or at work, is lacking. One day, Lara wordlessly leaves the baby with Jacob and breaks out of the routine. She flees to her home in South Tyrol, where her estranged sister Ida (Barbara Krzoska) maintains her late parents' farm with a temp. But Lara's unexpected appearance opens up old wounds and disturbs the fragile peace. Can the sisters find their way back to each other and rewrite their life plans? Thursday 27 October, 2022 16h30 : A sound of my own, dir. Rebecca Zehr, 2021, Germany. Does freedom only exist beyond your own parents’ legacy? Marja took over for her late father at legendary Krautrock band Embryo. When she plays an instrument, she lives within the music. Carefully arranging sounds and images from both past and present, A SOUND OF MY OWN merges into a composition of its own. 18h30 : Outside Noise, dir. Daniela Zahlner and Mia Sellmann, 2020, Germany. Daniela is unsure about what to do next and where to live. Mia is finishing a master's degree that she spontaneously started. Along with Natascha, another friend thinking of moving to Vienna, they wander around and talk. Friday 28 October, 2022 16h30 : Freizeit Or : The Opposite Of Doing Nothing, dir. Caroline Pitzen, 2021, Germany. Berlin. Summer 2018. They are 17 years old. The diverse neighborhood they grew up in is one big construction site, where people have to give way to the dreams of others. They drift through the city and wonder how anyone will be able to live in this city in the future. 18h30 : Undine, dir. Christian Petzold, 2020, Germany. Undine is a historian and tour guide at the Berlin City Museum specializing in urban development, while Christoph is an industrial diver. Linked by a love of the water, the two form an intense bond, which can only do so much to help Undine overcome the considerable baggage of her former affair. The film starrs Paula Beer, who won the Silver Bear for her performance as Undine.