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5 facts about Al-Jarayssa Cinematic Village

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Al-Jarayssa Cinematic Village’ is the first local private tunisian film production company. Here are 5 important to know facts about this company:

1/ The company held its founding general assembly on March 10, 2024, at the cultural center in Al-Jaraysa, affiliated with the Kef governorate. It is the first local private company in the cinematic field in Tunisia.

2/ Founding Idea:
The idea emerged in 2015 with encouragement from cinema enthusiasts in Al-Jarayssa, following the success of the short film ‘Ghorbel El Hamri’ by director Mouldi Khalifa, one of the founders, winning the third prize at the Dalia Film Days in Nabeul.

3/ Location Features:
Al-Jarayssa played a significant historical role during the Roman era, serving as a rest stop along the Roman road that extended from Dougga through Al-Krib and Al-Medinah (Dahmani), El-Jaraysa, Tala, and Haydra, ultimately reaching Tébessa in Algeria. The region is marked by historical elements dating back to the Roman period.

4/ Contributions of the Company:
The establishment of this private company will contribute to securing funding for cinematic productions and promoting Al-Jarayssa as a tourist destination. It could also become an ideal destination for filmmakers to shoot their works, given the region’s attractive cinematic elements when utilized effectively.

5/ The company is expected to have a cinematic library to showcase the history of Tunisian cinema. Additionally, this company serves as a precursor to other projects, including the preparation of a file to establish a local private company named ‘Al-Jarayssa Mining Tourism City in order to leverage mining tourism as an alternative to enhance development and create wealth.