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Mouvma: A peek into Ultras world and a call for unity

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Picture a world where ultras groups come together and collaborate to create impactful art. This art would be a forceful advocate for various causes, and such  a harmonious coexistence is conceivable in Ines Ben Othmen’s realm.

In “Mouvma”  The director somehow managed to unite multiple ultras groups to write, chant and unite their voices not to cultivate a sense of rivalry  against each other but to defend  socio-economic causes. “Mouvma” is a documentary film of 70 minutes that  follows the steps of the writers of chants and anthems that ultras groups usually sing in the matches, in different regions of Tunisia, their memories throughout the change of the political scene that happened in Tunisia as well as their muses, inspirations, and aspirations.

Growing up in a family deeply involved in sports, with both of her parents being sports teachers. The filmmaker  has always been fond of sports. This is well- reflected in both of her films ,”Attitude” and “Mouvma” Where she delves into the world of football Ultras groups and their supporters, a world about which we typically know very little.

Out of clubs,their colors and their names. The film provides a humanitarian vision we’ve never been exposed to . That sense of belonging they have between each other is remarkable. to consider their group as  a family, to gain lifelong friends that will be there for you no matter what and to all be involved in defending honorable causes. As such they are known for their unwavering loyalty to their team, passion, and dedication.

At the film premiere that took place at the city of culture of Tunis, yesterday evening, the atmosphere was incredibly emotional. Ines, along with some of her crew, producers, and everyone who played a part in bringing the film to life, was present. A special thank you was extended to all of them, and with heartfelt words, the event began. The film kicked off with a beautifully composed and light musical piece by Mohamed Hamida, quickly setting the mood for the audience.

From Gabes,Sousse, Bizert,Sfax, and Tunis, Iness tries to deliver the real life of Ultras members who write and produce their own chants. Ones that are popular and iconic. Chants that they sing throughout matches and on which they pride themselves. Each one of them looks back at their memories and their growing love of writing for a purpose; to defend causes through their words.  They have had this since they can remember.It is a  kind of love that grows with you and grows on you. One that you can not disregard.

Aside from this, Ines Ben Othman focuses on the strong bonds and sense of identity that connects  not only the supporters to each other and  to their team but also to the cause they are defending; repression, inequality and even environmental degradation due to suboptimal decisions made by corporate leadership. They stand tall as committed artists  in front of such matters with the conviction that ideas never die no matter the hardships.

In the film, Ben Othman seizes two opportunities to talk about the homeless people she came across during her filming journey across Tunisia. She delves into their stories, appreciating the unique details that define them. Through her lens, Ines consistently captures what often goes unnoticed and unspoken, making her a truly distinctive filmmaker. 

The palestinian cause resonates strongly in the passionate chants of the poets as well, serving as a persistent concern they ardently believe in and advocate for. As such it remains an unresolved matter and an ever-lasting struggle that they are committed to shed light upon.

After accompanying them individually, the director makes the smart decision of getting those exceptional poets together, each belonging to a different ultras group for a different football team, to transcend their differences and write a common chant in which they express their solidarity, for the very first time, to  denounce social injustices and to  demand dignity and freedom. The outcome is a very resonant anthem that is displayed at the very ending of the film which conveys solidarity in spite of distinctions. We remain one population.

There’s a clever suggestion in the film that art, militarism, and acts of resistance are enduring forces. One of the poets imparts to his son the idea that this duty must persist and never wane. For them, as fighters, it is a steadfast commitment to employ their words as a means of conveying messages, advocating for their rights. 

Ultimately, no matter what their orientations and belonging is, these passionate supporters managed to rise above their disparities and unite in Ines Ben Othmen ‘s stance. their fighters’ mindsets and their passion for their belonging helps them to convey messages. Ones that, according to them, never die!