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Beirut DC reveals its new name and announces its programs

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After 24 years of work supporting filmmakers and workers in the film industry in the
Arabic region, Beirut DC reveals its new name AFLAMUNA – Our Films – and renews its
commitment to supporting Arab filmmakers by helping them develop their abilities to
improve their working conditions.

The organization also works on reaching audiences in all regions as it firmly believes in
their right to access films and other cultural Arabic production.
Established as a cooperative under the name of Beirut DC in 1999, as a cinematic
corporation, the cooperative was transformed into an organization with the same name
in 2006 and set up launching many programs and projects to support independent Arab
cinema. With the announcement of the new name, after over two decades, AFLAMUNA
upholds this legacy and continues to pursue its goals and fulfill its mission.

AFLAMUNA strives to develop the capabilities of filmmakers across the Arab region,
catering to their needs as well as the needs of the audience. This is achieved through
the production of resources and information, as well as organizing events that create
opportunities for marginalized and silenced narratives to reach their audiences and
impact their communities. Additionally, AFLAMUNA innovates platforms that establish
partnerships between filmmakers, civil society, and the audience. These partnerships
are capable of driving change and aim to expand the audience’s viewing experience by
creating innovative and unconventional spaces for film screenings, both locally,
regionally, and globally.

Since its early establishment, AFLAMUNA has believed in the power of film to
contribute to social change and the right to access cinematic productions for the Arab
audience without exclusion. This vision is translated through its programs, which are as

Impact Narratives Shift Program:

The program aims to support marginalized narratives and impact production and
distribution activities, contributing to making independent Arab cinema a sustainable
and widespread medium capable of reaching its broad audience.

Independent Filmmakers Support Program:

The program works on conducting documented research on issues such as wages,
freedom of expression, safety, and security. It aims to innovate solutions to these
problems through interactive spaces and meetings, providing targeted support funds,
and producing open resources to support filmmakers in telling their stories free from
censorship and political barriers in the Arab region.

Audience: Access and Accessibility Program:

The program was established to work on developing work modules, approaches,
activities, and initiatives to promote independent Arab cinema across the Arab region.
This includes platforms such as “AFLAMUNA.Online” and the project “Masahat
AFLAMUNA,” in addition to organizing and supporting film festivals that address issues
relevant to Arab communities.

“AFLAMUNA” works to implement its programs in the Arab region through a variety of
projects and directions, such as:

Aflamuna Impact Lab
Aflamuna Impact Fellowship
Aflamuna Impact Fund
Aflamuna Convention
Aflamuna Connection
Madar Aflamuna

Masahat Aflamuna
Beirut Cinema Days

As a new chapter begins in its journey, AFLAMUNA is organizing the first edition of the
“AFLAMUNA Convention” from 8 to 10, June 2023, in Beirut. The event will feature a
series of meetings and discussions about the status of independent Arab cinema and
the impact of storytelling on society. The objective is to create collaborative networks
among various stakeholders participating in the forum, including filmmakers, partnering
institutions, and civil society actors.