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“Cine Rights” Human rights advocacy via cinema

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In an attempt to raise awareness on human rights issues. Shashat Association, in collaboration with Libya Film Institute and the support of Action For Hope association, is launching the “Cine Rights” project on Saturday, February 10th, 2024 at the Tahar Chériaa Hall – the City of Culture in Tunis,
The films to be screened at the “Cine Rights” event
Screenings will feature powerful short films from Tunisia and Libya, all dealing with topics related to human rights.
List of films include:
1- Tourists Out of Season – Maher El Hasnaoui.
2- The Black Poem – Saif Eddine Hammami.
3- The Bus – Melek Majdoub.
4- Lost Rights – Mohamed Masli.
5- Unknown Journey – Khawla Hwiji.
6- Prisoner and Jailer – Muhannad Lamin.
the event is one that defends human rights in various ways through cinema. so it’s a must visit.